Why Buy an Organic Latex Mattress?

An organic latex mattress can be a great choice if you have allergies or want a longer-lasting mattress.

If you’re looking for a mattress, you’ve likely already considered coil and memory foam options, which are the most common and popular types of mattresses available virtually everywhere. But these mattresses aren’t right for everyone; while they can provide the proper support and comfort for some sleepers, others need something more. If you’re one of these people, you may want to consider an organic latex mattress instead.

Are you finding coil and memory foam mattress options inadequate? Here are a few reasons you may want to consider an organic latex mattress:

  • Hypoallergenic. The greatest benefit of an organic latex mattress is that it is hypoallergenic. Latex is naturally anti-microbial, warding off germs, mildew, mold, and other allergens that can pose problems for allergy-suffering sleepers. Latex mattresses are also three times more resistant to dust mites than traditional mattress materials, which can also be beneficial to those with allergies.
  • All-natural.  Latex is derived naturally from rubber trees. It is biodegradable and poses no threat to the environment once disposed of.

  • Temperature-neutral. If you get hot at night, an organic latex mattress may be a better choice. Latex is more breathable than traditional mattress fabrics, allowing it to maintain a neutral, even temperature all night.
  • Longer-lasting. Because you sleep on top of a latex mattress rather than in it (as with more traditional mattresses), latex mattresses have been known to hold their shape for much longer. They don’t break down as easily, and they are able to outlast their coil or foam counterparts by a few years.
  • More restful sleep. An organic latex mattress provides relief to pressure points all over the body. Additionally, it also offers full-body support, allowing you to completely relax and sleep properly as your body rests.

If you are considering an organic latex mattress for your home, stop by a Parklane Mattresses store location today and try one out for yourself.

Vancouver Mattress Store with a Selection of Latex Mattresses

If you’re looking for a Vancouver mattress store that sells latex mattresses, then you need look no further than Parklane.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver mattress store that sells latex mattresses, then you need look no further than Parklane. We have an outstanding selection, and each mattress is backed by a world-class warranty. You can check our line out for yourself by clicking here.


If you’re just looking into latex mattresses, then you should know that they offer these great benefits:

  • A perfect balance between support and comfort. Latex mattresses neither swallow sleepers whole nor subject their bodies to uncomfortable hardness. Buyers rave about their “just right” feel that lasts all night long.
  • Extreme long life. Ours are so good that we back them with standard warranties lasting from 10 to 25 years depending on the model. A latex mattress will give you great service for a long time to come.
  • Latex mattresses are highly resistant to dust mites and other pests that can aggravate allergies. They also possess outstanding anti-microbial properties, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about keeping allergic reactions at bay.
  • Unlike so-called “foam rubber” mattresses, latex is a highly breathable material that ventilates well and doesn’t hold unpleasant odors. You’ll find that you sleep cool and comfortable on a latex sleep surface.
  • Latex molds well to the human body, no matter what an individual’s sleep style is. Back, stomach, and side sleepers all get the best rest of their lives from latex mattresses.


In short, latex offers excellent value at a very reasonable price. You won’t go wrong by choosing it.


About us

We have been making and selling superior-quality mattresses in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 100 years. We not only have a Vancouver mattress store, but we have 10 retail locations in Oregon and Washington State. We also sell our products directly from this site, so whether you drop by our Vancouver location or buy from us online, you’ll get the same great deal every time.

What are the differences between Latex and Memory Foam?

Memory Foam and Latex both offer a great deal of pressure point relief. Both products will reduce the overall pressure placed on your joints by contouring to your body shape. They are also both excellent at eliminating motion transfer.

Memory foam is heat activated, which is what allows it to conform around your body shape. Memory foam is firmer in cold temperatures and softer when warm, as it works with body heat to mold around the body. The heat-reactive property in memory foam is oftentimes what causes people to elect not to purchase a memory foam mattress. Because of this we use a memory foam with an open cell structure that is designed to sleep eight times cooler than a traditional memory foam.  The open cell structure allows the air to flow more freely through the material, which pills moisture and heat away from the sleeper. Latex is breathable and sleeps temperature neutral, a great solution for those who sleep a little warm during the night. Latex will help to keep you warm in cold conditions and cool in warmer conditions.

Memory foam is polyurethane foam with additional chemicals to enhance the elastic viscosity and density features allowing the foam to “mold” around your body. Latex is a naturally derived, biodegradable product that comes from the rubber tree. Naturally, latex has hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties, which is ideal for people that suffer from allergies. Bacteria, mold, and mildew simply cannot live in latex and it is three times more resistant to dust mites than any other material used in making a mattress. Latex mattresses are very durable as the latex (rubber) material doesn’t easily breakdown or age and therefore it holds its shape and resolve for years.

There are a variety of feels that you can get with a memory foam mattress and we use a range of memory foams from an 8lb, which is very soft, to a 3lb, quite firm, to achieve different feels and firmnesses. Latex is rated by an ILD, which is the indentation load deflection. The ILDs range from a 19, very soft, to a 32, which is on the firmer side. Latex mattresses have a different feel than memory foam mattresses in that you sleep on top of it as opposed to “in it.” Latex and memory foam are both exceptional products with many similarities, as well as their fair share of differences. Now it’s just deciding which one better fits your needs.

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A Look at the Mattress Materials We Use

Parklane Mattresses recognizes that you’re an individual with unique tastes, opinions, and sleep styles.  That’s why, unlike so many of our competitors, we don’t lock you into having only one choice when it comes to mattress materials.  Instead we offer a variety of quality products and let you choose the best one for your needs.  Here’s a look at the options we offer:

  • Offset coil mattresses use steel springs with square heads to give a supportive sleep experience along with many years of use.  Parklane’s offset coil mattresses use an alternating left and right coil design which, when combined with their spiral shape, prevents the “rolled up” feeling that owners of inferior products often notice.  The springs in our products are crafted from 14-gauge twice-tempered steel, specially engineered to give both the right amount of support while also molding to the user’s body.  An offset coil mattress is a great, affordable choice that is very popular with our customers.
  • Pocketed coil mattress have springs that move independently of those around them.  This provides added give that makes them an outstanding choice for side sleepers, who frequently notice shoulder and hip pain when using harder sleep surfaces.  The independent design of the coils also makes these mattresses a great choice for those who find their rest disturbed by their partner’s movement during the night.  Their motion is dampened by the coil design, so it’s unnoticed by the other person.
  • Latex mattresses are made from the sap of the rubber tree, which is combined with air pockets throughout the material to give a supportive yet comfortable sleep experience.  Parklane only sells superior quality latex foam, which is free of the harsh chemicals and toxic compounds found in many of our competitor’s products.  These sleep surfaces are incredibly healthy.  Mold, mildew, and bacteria cannot live in them, and they are three times more resistant to dust mites than any other mattresses.  They also are known for holding up well even after a decade of more of nightly use.  You might find that a latex rubber mattress is the solution you’ve been looking for.
  • NASA developed memory foam in the 1960s for use by astronauts.  Now it has become one of the most popular mattress materials found in mattresses available to consumers.  While memory foam products are sold in virtually every retail and furniture store across the country, it pays to be extra careful when choosing one for your needs.  Some are made with far too many air pockets.  These will degenerate and flatten out in a couple of years or sooner, making expensive replacement necessary.  Others are created in factories that have few if any quality control standards.  You won’t have these problems if you buy a memory foam sleeping surface from Parklane.  Ours use a special “cool sleep” grade of foam.  It offers gentle, cradling support to sleepers without making them feel like they are laying in a steam sauna.  It’s also a fantastic option for those who are awakened by their partner’s motions, as it absorbs their movement instead of letting it shake the entire bed.  Memory foam is the product of choice for millions of people.  Will it be for you as well?
  • For those with concerns about the environment, we’re proud to offer our fine line of eco-friendly mattresses.  Every item used in their construction is completely recyclable.  They’re wrapped in a wide choice of materials, including organic cotton and natural bamboo.  You’ll even find selections with Aloe Vera-infused fabrics!  Topped with layers of natural latex rubber, you’ll find no better way to safeguard the planet as well as your rest.

No matter which mattress materials you choose, our chief concern is that you get the quality sleep you need to enjoy your life to the fullest.  On our site you’ll find informative articles, as well as thorough product descriptions and photos.  Look around, ask us questions, and pick the right sleep product for your individual needs.

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