Suffering From Allergies? Try An Organic Latex Mattress

If you suffer from allergies, consider switching to an organic latex mattress.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from allergies caused by irritants like grass, dust, pollen and pet dander, and if you sniffle and sneeze your way through the workday, especially when the seasons change, you probably know that staying indoors and taking allergy medications isn’t effective at completely alleviating your allergy symptoms. To fight allergies properly, you need to ensure that your entire life, including your home environment, is free of allergens. The first step to doing this is to purchase an organic latex mattress.


Why an Organic Latex Mattress Can Help

Most mattresses are made of soft, absorbent fabric like cotton or foam, and although these materials may be comfortable to sleep on, they’re also a breeding ground for allergens. Things like dust, dirt, bacteria, mold and mildew can build up in them over time, and this can adversely affect your health by making it harder to breathe, causing you to get sick, and aggravating your allergies further.

With an organic latex mattress, you won’t be exposed to these allergens because the latex material staves off bacteria, mold, and other germs to give you a clean, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial surface on which to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, clear, and allergy-free. Latex material is also more breathable than traditional mattress fabrics, which allows you to maintain a more comfortable temperature while you sleep. If you tend to be a hot sleeper, this can be a huge advantage.


Get an Organic Latex Mattress

If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, and medications aren’t effective enough at alleviating the symptoms, it may be time to consider purchasing an organic latex mattress for your home. Visit a Parklane Mattresses location today to try one out for yourself, or shop online and have one delivered straight to your home.

How Summer Affects Sleep

Summer has arrived, which means the spring flowers have bloomed and the days have grown longer.  Today is the first day of summer and we are happy it is here, however each season has a unique way of affecting one of our major health behaviors, our sleep.

The flowers have bloomed and our allergies have returned. They may begin to settle down, or they may not, it will really depend on the environment this particular season, as well as your specific triggers. Knowing what you are allergic to can be of assistance in fighting this battle. Allergy symptoms have an extremely negative affect on your sleep and lack of sleep can really exacerbate you allergies… What a terrible cycle this is.

In order to get as much sleep as possible, we highly recommend showering before bed each night to get rid of any allergens you may be carrying on your person. We also recommend keeping your windows closed and using the air conditioning if possible, that way you aren’t inviting all of those pollens to come right in your window.  Using an air purifier can really help clear the air as well. Last but not least, be sure to wash your bedding at least once a week to kill off all those dust mites before they really start to pile up.

Tomorrow we will share another aspect of summer that negatively affects your sleeping conditions. We will also give you some tips on the best ways to prevent lack of sleep during the summer months.

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Allergies Causing Sleep Loss

It is that time of year again, allergy season. Allergies can have quite the negative impact on your day-to-day life and damaging results on your sleep. The best way to get back into a healthy sleep pattern is to keep your allergies at bay, or at the very least, find a way to minimize your body’s reaction to them.

For starters, you will want to see your physician to identify what all you are allergic to. You and your physician can then figure out the best medications to treat your allergies. If you are experiencing a stuffed nose, it is likely that dust, mold, and allergens have entered your nasal passage causing inflammation. Your doctor may recommend a nasal spray. Another option is “nasal irrigation,” a process in which you mix a measured out combination of water and salt together. You will use that mixture with a small bulb syringe to clear your nasal passage.

The best way to prevent allergy symptoms is to steer clear of anything you are allergic to. If you are allergic to grass or pollen, it may be a good idea to hire a lawn care service. If you are sensitive to one of your own pets, do not allow them in your bedroom and be sure to bathe them regularly. Shower with eucalyptus or just rinse off if you are experiencing a lot of symptoms. Make sure to wash your bedding and clothes regularly. When you are vacuuming the carpet don’t forget to hit rugs and blinds as well. If you have allergies to grasses or pollens, it is best to have an air conditioning unit in your home, as opposed to leaving windows open. Make sure you are changing out the filters on both your cooling and heating systems regularly. Last but certainly not least, be sure to have a protector on your mattress and pillows, they are life savers!

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