Teen Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Please Mom and Son

How do you compromise? Find teen boy bedroom decorating ideas will please both mom and son.

It seems like just yesterday you moved your baby boy into his first big boy bed, so how is it that he is now a teenager who is ready to trade in his toy cars for the real deal? If he hasn’t already, chances are your teenage son will soon start to crave his own space, and he will have some pretty definite ideas about how that space should look. Gone are the toy planes and cartoon character bedding. He wants his room to be “cool”; you want it to be “cute”. How do you compromise? These teen boy bedroom decorating ideas will please both mom and son.

A sports theme may seem obvious, but it is relatively easy to create and is a hit with most teenage boys. Sports posters, equipment, and paraphernalia, as well as bedding in team colors are easy and inexpensive ways to create the all American athlete look.

Got a beach lover? Incorporate various shades of blues and browns into the décor from the wall paint to the bedding. Hang a surfboard or two on the walls, or stretch a fishing net across a corner of the ceiling.

Car fanatic? Use lots of metal and steel, and a black and red color palette to create a sporty garage look. Scatter model cars on shelves or hang vintage car photos on the walls.

These are just a few teen boy bedroom decorating ideas, but the bottom line is that the room should reflect your teen’s personality and interests. Let him have a hand in the decisions. If you’re brave enough, let him try painting the walls himself. It will give him a sense of ownership and pride in his space. Who knows? Maybe it will even inspire him to keep it clean!

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The Pros and Cons of Home Décor Online Shopping

In today’s high tech world, you can furnish your entire home with just a point and a click. Sure, it’s convenient enough, but there are both pros and cons of home décor online shopping that you should take into consideration before you press that “enter” key.


Let’s start with the pros. First, home décor online shopping opens up a world of shops and designers that you may not have access to in your city. Just Google “online furniture stores” or “home accessories” and watch as thousands of options appear.



Next, online shopping means you don’t have to fight traffic and crowds. You don’t even have to get dressed! You can shop in your pajamas, and after regular business hours, all from the comfort of your home.


Home décor online shopping can sometimes be less expensive when you consider that is easier to comparison shop. Simply by opening a few windows in your browser, you can compare and contrast several items at once, allowing you to make an informed choice and hopefully get the best deal. Plus, you save fuel by not having to drive from store to store to do your bargain hunting.


So, why would anyone choose to shop at a retailer? Well, for all the pros, there are a few cons to home décor online shopping as well. First, what if the item arrives and it’s nothing like you envisioned? Sometimes colors appear vastly different in photos than they do when you actually see them in person. Just a shade or two either lighter or darker can make a huge difference. Or what if it doesn’t fit the space in the way that you imagined it would? Sure you can take the measurements of your room or wall before ordering, but sometimes the shape of the actual item is just wrong for that space when it arrives. Then you have the hassle of shipping the item back and waiting for a refund. It is wise to check the online store’s return policy before ordering to make sure that they even offer refunds. It is not uncommon to find yourself stuck with an item you hate when you have ordered it online.


While small or inexpensive items might be wise online purchases, larger items like sofas, chairs, and especially mattresses really should be taken for a “test drive” prior to purchasing. In fact, most mattress stores actually advise customers to lie on their backs as well as both sides in order to get a feel for the firmness and comfort prior to purchasing.


Finally, home décor online shopping lacks the personal interaction of retail shopping. Stores have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions and assist you with your selections.


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5 Tips and Decorating Ideas for Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a central focus of activity within the home. As such, it gets a lot of visual exposure, making it an ideal spot for interior design. So here are 5 tips and decorating ideas for master bedroom.

  1. Achieve unity between different elements with common materials and colors. Even if separate pieces weren’t made to match, you can still make them look great together by choosing items with closely matching shades. Items made of the same materials blend together nicely as well.
  2. Continuity between the bedroom and bath suite is important. Achieving it means using the same overall style for both rooms. For example, try using matching wallpaper throughout the space, as well as furnishings from the same design school. Good choices include traditional, modern, and colonial.
  3. Many larger master bedroom suites incorporate several rooms into a single area of the home. To emphasize the common nature of these spaces, don’t divide them up with closed doors and disparate styling. Instead, use wide openings, continuous flooring, and matching carpet to bring them together. If you need doors between separate areas, then use ones with clear glass panels.
  4. In multi-purpose bedrooms, the challenge isn’t so much to create unity as it is to establish zones for different types of activities. This can be accomplished by using distinctive materials and styles for each area. For example, the bed/sleeping area might be composed of traditional design elements, while a home office is set apart by choosing a contemporary-styled desk, chair, etc. Another way to accomplish this same effect is to use elevation changes with the room, such as having a raised platform for the bed. This divides it visually and spatially from surrounding elements.
  5. Reversing color schemes can achieve both unity and variety between separate rooms within the suite. For example, the bedroom might have brown as its dominant color, with white as an accent. The bath, on the other hand, could dominate with white, while using brown to add some variety to the look.

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Master bedroom

Is Traditional Home Decor Right for You?

Traditional home decor is a popular design scheme across the country. This doesn’t mean that it’s bland or unimaginative, but simply that it agrees with the tastes of most Americans. Applied with a little care and common sense, it can enhance the appearance and comfort of almost any home. Traditional home decor is a great choice for many people, but some may find it too formal or old-fashioned. Is it the right choice for you? To help answer that, we suggest you consider the following questions:

1. What are your tastes in clothing, footwear, sun/eyeglasses, etc.? If you lean toward tried-and-true options like blue jeans, tennis shoes, and collared pullovers or button-up shirts in shades like blue, green, yellow, and red, then traditional home decor may be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you prefer “edgy” choices that set you apart from the crowd, then you might find traditional style too confining.

2. What kind of home do you have? Traditional decor goes well with proven, established housing designs. Think ranch-style suburban homes with carports, two-story or split-level frame houses with brick exteriors, or, on the upper end of the cost scale, older, larger homes with peaked roofs and gables. If your home fits in these categories, then traditional is an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you live in a log cabin or old farmhouse, then a “country” themed decor is probably a better fit. If your home incorporates forward-thinking design elements such as large, flat, fixed windows, a shed-style roof, or exterior materials like metal or granite, then you may be happier with modern furnishings and design elements.

3. How large is your design budget? Traditional furniture and accessories tend to be cheaper than many other choices, simply because they’re so popular that manufacturers turn out large quantities of them. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for a decor you don’t care for, but if you like traditional designs and your budget is limited, then why not enjoy all the savings you can?

While it may not be the first design overhaul choice that comes to mind, your bedroom is an integral part of your home’s overall theme. No matter if you choose traditional home decor or some other style, we can make your home more beautiful and your nights more restful with our line of top-quality products, and you may be surprised at how affordable we are. Take a look at our selections and see for yourself.

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Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Modern bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. Nowadays, they often double as home offices, TV lounges, and even social centers. When the subject of wall decorations comes up, most people think of hanging a few paintings or framed photos and leaving it at that, but because of their multiple uses, bedroom design should support an environment that gets lots of use and should be stimulating. Bedroom wall decorating ideas to foster this type of environment are limited only by your imagination.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to experiment with new ideas over traditional home decor, then here are some suggestions to spark your imagination and give you some inspiration.

Idea # 1: Alternative Wall Art

There’s no law that says you can only hang pictures on your bedroom walls. In fact, the options are limited only by your budget and your creativity. Here are some of the many objects that people use to add a splash of color and design to their bedrooms:

1. Plates – These are available in an almost endless selection of colors, sizes, textures, and designs. You can find collectible plates that reflect almost any interest imaginable, including wildlife, sports, historical figures, US states, countries of the world, famous quotes, and hundreds of others. Surf the Internet or visit a local flea market or antiques stores to get some ideas.

2. Crafts – Some knitters display mittens, scarves, etc. Sculptors show off their small to mid-sized creations. Jewelry makers, stained glass artists, and metal foil workers have all found a place on their bedroom walls for their creations. One-of-a-kind or uncommon artwork is a great way to give your bedroom a unique identity. Home improvement centers sell display shelves that can support all kinds of objects. Just be sure you don’t go over the hardware’s weight rating, which is listed on the package it comes in.

3. Collections – Whether you’re into coins, stamps, comic books, figurines, beer mugs, seashells, or whatever, you may find that your bedroom walls are ideal for showing off your treasures. As with crafts, display shelves are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to assist you with the project, or you can frame objects like coins and stamps and mount them just like you would photos or paintings.

Idea # 2: Wall murals

How does turning an entire wall into one giant piece of art sound to you? Floor-to-ceiling murals are hot right now. If you’re artistically inclined, then you can create your own with whatever media you prefer to work with, but if you’re one of the many of us who can’t even draw a decent smiley face, then don’t worry – both Internet and brick-and-mortar vendors sell murals with thousands of illustrations to choose from, including beach scenes, views of the forest, or even objects in outer space. They apply much like wallpaper does, and can give your bedroom an incredible new look for a relatively low price.

Idea # 3: The Sky’s the Limit!

As we said before, your options for wall decorations are limited only by your budget and your creativity. Here are some other ideas you might find of interest.

• If your bedroom is small, then you can make it appear much larger by hanging a sizeable mirror on one or more of the walls. It’s amazing how much “space” this one simple trick can add.
• Glow-in-the-dark additives can be mixed in with any paint. Imagine painting a scene on your bedroom walls and seeing it light up as soon as you turn off your lamp!
• Anything that can be glued to your walls is a potential decoration. Let your thoughts go where they choose, and you’ll soon come up with all kinds of delightfully off-the-wall ideas for turning your bedroom walls into something truly one-of-a-kind.

With all this talk about decorating bedroom walls, we almost forget to mention the primary activity that bedrooms are intended for – sleep. A good night’s rest is the foundation for a successful day, and here at Parklane Mattresses, we can help you get the slumber you’re craving. Browse our product line and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Contemporary Decorating Accessories that Can Drastically Change Your Decor

One sure way to give a tired old room a bold new look is with contemporary decorating accessories. Modern decor uses materials such as glass, metal, and stone, and strives for a basic, user-friendly appearance. It’s brightly colored, emphasizes visually interesting textures, and incorporates clean, simple lines with a variety of geometrical shapes. Contemporary decorating accessories can easily transform your home’s interior from boring to beautiful.

Contemporary decor can be used as a stand-alone motif or blended with more traditional items. It works well with the open, well-lit spaces that are cornerstones of today’s interior designs, and with a little ingenuity and creativity, it can be surprisingly affordable. With these things in mind, let’s look at some specific ways to add a contemporary flair to your home’s decor.

Glass and Metal Planters

Plants are a terrific way to add color and life to your home. Many of today’s varieties need only minimal sunlight, making them ideal for home environments. To add a contemporary feel, instead of using old-fashioned wood or terra cotta pots, why not use planters made of glass, metal, or even stone? Look online or visit your local hardware or home improvement store to see the wide range of products available.

While we’re on this subject, let’s talk about where to put your potted plants. There’s no law that says they have to be placed on small tables or windowsills. Many newer planters are designed for mounting directly onto walls, where they may get more sunlight than in any other part of the room. This is a terrific alternative to using paintings or photos, but installing the hardware for these kinds of planters requires some basic carpentry skills, so make sure you have the knowledge and tools for the task before investing your hard-earned money.

Textured Wallpaper

Old-fashioned wall coverings often have beautiful patterns, but usually their designs are one-dimensional, limiting the amount of visual interest they can create. Contemporary forms have raised textures, which give them eye-catching appeal and allow the homeowner rich opportunities for self-expression. Particularly popular among professional designers these days is wallpaper with raised, curved lines, which can be painted in any color imaginable. The illusion of motion it creates is an exciting alternative to bland, lifeless wall treatments.

In addition to textured wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling murals and illustrations offer infinite opportunities for embracing a contemporary style. Imagine a wildlife or nature scene that covers an entire wall, with a lighthouse or tree trunk as the central point of interest, but if that’s not your cup of tea, then picture the same wall decorated with a combination of softly blending colors or geometric shapes. That’s one of the great things about contemporary bedroom wall decorating ideas. There are few fixed rules. This leaves you free to follow your muse wherever it may lead. If it looks good to you, then that’s all that matters.

Fabulous New Flooring Ideas

With old-school thinking, your choice of floor covers is severely limited. If you go with carpet, then you must choose from one of the limited number of colors, patterns, and materials you can find in your area, even if nothing you see is particularly appealing. All of that is in the past, thanks to modular flooring options such as carpet squares. One outstanding website that offers more information on this topic is http://www.flor.com. Online tools allow you to form your own designs. With squares available in hundreds of colors, sizes, and textures, you’re sure to create something that’s as unique as it is appealing. What’s really useful about this option is that, unlike traditional carpeting, getting rid of a stubborn stain is as simple as peeling the soiled square off the floor and putting a new one in its place.

Contemporary decorating accessories can drastically change your home’s appearance and as important as your home’s appearance is, the quality of the items inside it is just as vital to your comfort and happiness. At ParkLane Mattresses, we sell more than just sleep surfaces. We have bedspreads, duvets, pillow covers, and hundreds of other products that are as beautiful as they are functional. Browse our online selections and place your order today.

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Teen Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas that Don’t Involve Sports

Every bedroom needs a theme. It ties the decor together and expresses the personality and tastes of the occupants. When it comes to decorating for boys, most parents choose sports themes. What you may find as boys gets older is that they have no interest in sports; it’s important to cater his room to his interests, so we thought we should suggest some teen boy bedroom decorating ideas that don’t involve baseball, football, basketball, or athletics in general.

Idea # 1: Hobby-Centered Theme

Hobbies are great for teenagers to have. They help them to learn job-related skills, explore career options, and discover their interests and talents. A hobby also provides a perfect theme for a bedroom. For example, is your son into furniture building or woodworking? If so, then letting him create some of the furnishings for the room will let him show off his skills and give him a sense of pride in its appearance. If he enjoys drawing or painting, encourage him to display his works on the wall or on bookshelves. You can also find illustrations such as decals that relate to virtually every interest imaginable, such as electronics, model building, or sculpture.

Idea # 2: Celebrity-Centered Theme

Virtually everyone has a favorite actor or musical performer, and a theme built around this person or group is a perfect option for many teenage boys. Let him choose what posters, pictures, memorabilia, etc., he wants displayed, provided of course the items meets common-sense standards for good taste. Choosing this theme also makes choosing gifts for him an easy task. Simply pick something that enhances the decor and fits with the theme.

Idea # 3: Gaming-Centered Theme

Many teenage boys are passionate about video games. Show your son that you support this interest (within reasonable limits) by helping him create a gaming-centered theme. Ideas include a corner of the room with a large screen TV and gaming console, illustrations of classic video game characters, and in general any furnishings or other items related to games that he enjoys.

As you know, teenagers grow up fast and, aside from teen boy bedroom decorating ideas that inspire and comfort them mentally, their bodies need a comfortable, supportive sleep surface. Browse our online mattress selection, and see for yourself how we can help your young person grow into healthy adulthood.

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