Mattress Shopping Tips For Your Upcoming Move

If you’re planning a move soon, follow these mattress shopping tips designed just for you.

If you’re planning an upcoming move you likely have a lot to do already, and mattress shopping can often add to the stress. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of mattress shopping tips designed specifically for you, the moving homeowner, to make sure you choose the right sleep surface for your needs and situation. Follow the tips below to make your mattress shopping and moving experiences much easier.

  • Get delivery. You already have to move all your boxes, clothing, dishes, and other items to your new home, so don’t add a mattress to the list. Instead of purchasing a mattress and then taking it home and moving it to your new place, find a retailer that’s willing to deliver your mattress to the new address, and if possible, schedule it for move-in day so that you aren’t without a mattress in your new home. Ask if they’ll help with setup and installation too.
  • Find out if you can have your old mattress recycled. Many mattress retailers offer mattress recycling so that you don’t have to deal with the disposal of your old mattress. These companies will come and pick up your used mattress and take it to a recycling facility so that the materials and parts can be reused and repurposed for other products. This service makes your move easier, helps the environment, and keeps landfills from overflowing.

  • Measure your space and your doors. This is one of the most important mattress shopping tips to remember, especially when you’re moving into a new, unfamiliar house. Take the time to measure each room, doorway, and hallway carefully. You need to make sure you choose a mattress to fit your space appropriately and that your mattress can fit easily through your front door, down the hallway, and into your bedroom.

  • Try it out. If you’re buying in person, never leave the store without trying your purchase first. Lie on it, get a feel for its level of comfort and support, and make sure it’s going to be an adequate sleep surface. If you have a partner, make sure they try it out, too. You want it to be comfortable for both of you, as you’ll likely have it for many years to come.

  • Ask about financing. As a new homeowner, you may have already paid a large sum for your new place, so take it easy on your wallet and avoid paying a lot for your new mattress. Ask if your mattress retailer allows for financing so that you can get a great product without a huge up-front cost. Financing allows you to pay a small monthly fee over time, which makes your mattress purchase more manageable.
  • Know where you’re going to place it. Have a plan for where your mattress will go and how it will be placed. This helps you ensure that you get the right size and shape, and it makes the delivery and installation process much easier.
  • Get a warranty. Always get a warranty when purchasing a new mattress. Mattresses can be expensive, and a warranty helps you protect your investment and ensure its quality for years to come. Look for a warranty of at least 10 to 15 years, as this is the average lifespan for a mattress.

If you need more mattress shopping tips or want to put these ones to good use, stop by Parklane Mattresses today, or check out our online store. We have a wide selection of mattresses available in different sizes, materials, and pricing, and we can help you find the perfect sleep surface for your new home.

Want The Best Pillow Top Mattress? How To Avoid Dips And Dents

If you want the best pillow top mattress, follow these tips to avoid dips and dents.

With most traditional coil mattresses, you can flip your mattress every few months to avoid dents, dips, and grooves from developing, but this is not the case with a pillow top mattress. The inability to flip this type of mattress over can lead to deep dents and grooves, and it can also affect your quality of sleep and comfort level, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid choosing a pillow top mattress, as they are quite comfortable and supportive when chosen correctly and cared for properly. Even the best pillow top mattress needs special maintenance to hold its shape long term, so follow the tips below to ensure that you know how to maintain yours correctly.

  • Find a mattress that is made of high-quality materials – High-quality materials are less likely to break down and show wear and tear, are less likely to sag, and will hold up longer over time. If you want the best pillow top mattress, look for one with a foam pillow, latex, or gel top. These are the most durable.

  • Rotate the bed regularly – While you can’t flip your pillow top mattress, you can rotate it, so be sure to rotate it a full 180 degrees every few months. This is especially important if you sleep with a partner, as dents, dips, and grooves are much more common when a bed is shared between two people.
  • Try sleeping in different places and positions – Whenever possible, try sleeping in a different position or different part of the bed. This will help your mattress maintain its shape longer, and it will ensure that one spot doesn’t get worn out before others.
  • Use a mattress bladder – A mattress bladder is a unique tool that allows you to pump up sagging and drooping areas of your mattress by placing it under the sagging spot and inflating the bladder. Your mattress will rise instantly.

If you want the best pillow top mattress for your home, come to Parklane Mattresses today. We’ll help you find one that won’t sag, dip, or droop for years.

5 Factors To Consider When Shopping For Child Mattresses

When choosing child mattresses for your kids, be sure to consider these five factors.

Mattresses are important in our lives. They help us get a restful night’s sleep so we have energy to take on the next day, they promote good health and improve our posture, and they help to stave off aches, pains, and other forms of discomfort. But while mattresses are important to people of all ages and health conditions, no one needs a high-quality mattress more than a child. Children need deep, restful sleep in order to fuel proper growth and health, because without it their development can be inhibited. Because of this, child mattresses should be chosen with great care. If you have a little one, be diligent in choosing a good sleep surface for them in order to get the best possible mattress for their health and their mental and physical development. The following are five factors to consider to help you find the right child mattresses:


  1. Size – Determine the appropriate size of mattress for your child. If they’re younger, you may want to look into cribs that convert into toddler-sized beds so you don’t have to buy a new mattress every year as they grow. A twin bed may suffice if they’re older, but you should also consider their height in the matter and whether they will be able to get in and out of the bed comfortably and safely. Additionally, take their growth into account and whether the mattress is of a size they can grow into. If your children look like they’re going to be tall, consider extra-long twin beds instead.


  1. Space – Think about how much space there is in your child’s room and how big the doors and hallways are. These will both play a large role in what size and type of mattress you can purchase. If your child shares a room with a sibling, keep the mattresses on the smaller side with twin or bunk beds. If they have their own rooms you have more leeway, but remember to measure the doorways before you make a purchase.

  1. Support – A supportive mattress helps fuel bone growth and spinal development, so be sure to find the most supportive option available. If you’re opting for a traditional coil mattress, choose one with at least 225 coils to provide ample support for your child’s growing body. You can also consider memory foam and gel options, as these offer great support too. When in doubt, have your child try out the mattress before buying it.

  1. Fabrics and materials – Child mattresses are available in a number of fabrics and materials, including cotton, latex, foam, gel, and green and hypoallergenic products. Take a minute to decide what’s best for your little one. Cotton mattresses tend to hold more dust and dirt, which makes them bad for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Hypoallergenic ones are great if your little one has a propensity for colds, sneezing, or other seasonal issues, and they’re also better for air quality.


  1. Durability – Remember your child is just that – a child. They’re going to spill, make messes, jump on the bed, and put their mattress through the ringer. Make sure you choose a surface that can withstand all the wear and tear so you don’t end up having to buy a new mattress every few years. A high-quality mattress will provide the same level of comfort and support throughout its lifespan.

If you are currently looking at child mattresses for your kids, come to Parklane Mattresses today. We have a wide range of mattresses in various sizes and fabrics, and we can help you find the perfect sleep surface for your child’s needs and your space and budget.

4 Features Of A Great Online Mattress Store

Look for these four features when choosing an online mattress store to buy from.

There are many online mattress store options on the Internet that offer you an easy, convenient way to replace your current bed, but finding and purchasing the right mattress is a process that should be taken seriously, because your health and quality of life depend on it. If you want to make sure you get the best possible mattress for your needs and health, don’t shop at the first online mattress store you find; do some research before deciding who to buy from. The following are four features to look for when choosing which store to do business with:


  1. Variety – No two individuals sleep the same way. They may like different positions or postures, prefer different levels of comfort and support, or have underlying health conditions that require specific care. In order to accommodate the many types of sleepers, a good online mattress store needs to offer a variety of products.

  1. Warranties – A warranty is key when buying a mattress, especially online. It ensures that you won’t be stuck paying for a replacement if you experience issues with quality or your mattress breaks down in the near future.

  1. Organization – Organization is important when shopping for mattresses online. Customers need to be able to filter mattresses by factors such as sleep position, comfort level, support, and size so they can find the perfect match for their needs.


  1. Customer reviews – A quality online mattress store will let you know what their customers say about their mattresses. This allows you to get an honest, authentic look at the products you’re considering so that you can be sure it meets your requirements.

If you’re looking for a great online mattress store to buy your new bed from, visit Parklane Mattresses today. With 25-year warranties, amazing customer reviews, and a huge selection of products, you can rest assured we have what you need.



7 Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress Sets

 Memory foam mattress sets offer these amazing benefits and more.

Memory foam mattress sets have become extremely popular over the past few years. Word has spread that they’re more supportive, more comfortable, and more durable than traditional types of mattresses, and people are clamoring to get them in their own homes, apartments and bedrooms. If you are still sleeping on a regular coil mattress, check out these seven benefits you will enjoy when you make the switch to memory foam:

1. They hold your shape. Memory foam mattress sets hold your shape better than traditional mattress sets. This adds comfort and ensures that you stay still, supported, and relaxed the entire night through. There’s no tossing or turning, and you’re able to get the most restful night of sleep possible.

2. They help make sure that you and your partner don’t disturb each other. With memory foam mattress sets, there’s no transfer of motion across the surface, which means you can roll over, move around, or even jump on the bed without your partner feeling anything. They’ll still be comfortable and supported, regardless of how much you shift during the night.

3. They support you better. Because memory foam mattress sets conform to each individual’s unique shape and form, they’re able to offer more all-over support than most mattresses. This allows your body to release tension and stress while you sleep, and it ensures that you’re comfortable the whole night through. It also helps to stimulate better circulation, keep your spine aligned, and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. They conform to your body. Memory foam mattress sets comfort to your body’s shape and size. They absorb your heat and then mold to match your every inch and curve, which takes pressure off your joints and keeps you from having to toss and turn in order to get comfortable. You’ll be comfortable from the second you get into bed until the moment you get out.

5. They last longer. Traditional mattresses will begin to show signs of wear and tear quickly. They’ll have dips where you and your partner lie, start to lose their strength and stability, and begin to sag and get uncomfortable. Memory foam mattress sets have been known to last up to 15 years, depending on the brand, which is much longer than traditional mattress sets that usually need replacing every five to 10 years.

6. They offer a more restful sleep. Memory foam mattress sets are able to distribute your weight more evenly across the surface than traditional mattresses can. This means you’re better supported, there are no painful pressure points, and you can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. This means a more restful, comfortable night of rest.

7. They’re clean. Another benefit of memory foam mattress sets is that they’re extremely clean. While most mattresses attract dust, dirt, and other allergens in their materials and fabrics, memory foam mattresses don’t. They’re resistant to mold, bacteria, and other problematic allergens, so they’ll keep you and your partner happy, healthy, well rested, and breathing easily.

Memory foam mattress sets can be life changing by improving your ability to get comfortable, fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel rested each and every day. This means better health, an improved mood, and more energy during the day.

Buy Your Memory Foam Mattress Today
If you and your partner are ready to enjoy the many benefits of a memory foam mattress, visit a Parklane Mattresses location near you. We’ll help you find memory foam mattress sets that are right for your home and budget so that you get a great night’s sleep in no time.

4 Things To Ask While Shopping At Portland Mattress Stores

When you head to our Portland mattress stores, be sure to ask our expert team members these four questions.

One of the biggest benefits of visiting one of our Portland mattress stores is that you get to take advantage of our expert staff’s knowledge while you’re there. Our team members are extremely well versed and experienced and can help make the mattress buying process easier, faster, and more successful for you. If you’re planning to visit one of our Portland mattress stores, be sure to ask our team members the following questions while you’re there:

  1. What’s best for me? Our team members can help you find the perfect mattress for you. They will take into consideration your health, size, desired comfort level, and preferred sleeping position to ensure that you and your partner get the best night’s sleep possible.


  1. What materials are in it? Before choosing a mattress, talk to our staff about the materials it’s made from. Some materials offer more support, some offer greater comfort, and some are better for your health and the environment. The material you choose will also play into your mattress’ lifespan, as will the way you care for and clean it. All of these factors should affect your final buying decision.

  1. Can I try it out? Always ask to try out a mattress before purchasing it. Lie down on it, get into your normal sleeping position, and make sure it’s comfortable, supportive, and conducive to a good night’s sleep. If possible, have your partner try it out too.


  1. What else do I need? Depending on what type of mattress you buy and the items you already have in your house, you may need to buy some additional accessories before you head home. You could need a new box spring, a bed frame, an adjustable base, or any number of other accessories. Our team members can help you get the right ones for your purchase.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, stop by one of our Portland mattress stores today. The expert staff at Parklane Mattresses will help you find the perfect sleeping surface for your needs and budget.

When Should I Buy A New Mattress? A Complete Guide

When you head to our Portland mattress stores, be sure to ask our expert team members these four questions.

A common rumor in the mattress industry is that you should always replace your mattress every eight years, but this is not an absolute rule. Some mattresses can last more than 10 years, while others need to be replaced after only five. The true lifespan of a mattress depends on what type it is, the amount of use it gets, and a number of other factors and issues. Follow our “when should I buy a new mattress?” guide below to find out if it’s time to invest in a new one.


When Should I Buy a New Mattress?

There’s no specific timeframe for when to buy a new mattress, but a good general rule to follow is that if you’re not getting a restful night’s sleep or you have trouble getting comfortable, your mattress is showing signs that it may need replacing. Other signs include the following:


  • You frequently wake up with aches and pains. When you wake up, you should feel rested, relaxed and at ease, regardless of what you did the night before. If you find yourself waking up often with aches and pains, your mattress isn’t doing its job anymore. It has likely lost its ability to support your body weight and is no longer providing the comfort and stability it should.

  • You toss and turn at night. If you’re tossing, turning, or having a hard time falling asleep at night, it might be that your mattress is to blame. If a mattress is no longer supporting your body the way it should, it can affect your comfort level and can make it more difficult to get a full night’s sleep. If you have a bedmate, ask your partner how they’ve been sleeping, and if you’re both experiencing the same problems, it’s time to look for a new mattress.

  • You have allergies. Your mattress can have a big effect on your health, especially if you are an individual who suffers from allergies. Most mattresses are made from soft, absorbent materials that allow dust, dirt and allergens to build up in their core over time. This can be extremely problematic for sleepers with allergies, making it harder to breathe, causing sneezing and sniffling, and affecting your overall health adversely. For allergy sufferers, it is always best to choose a latex mattress, as they are hypoallergenic and can stave off harmful toxins.

  • There are large dents or grooves in the mattress. Look for physical signs that your mattress is past its best. Deep grooves where you or your partner lies are the most common indicators, and these can affect your comfort level and your ability to sleep well. While flipping your mattress regularly can help to prevent these for a few years, they’ll begin to appear over time if you regularly sleep in the same spot or position every night. Once they do, it’s time to start shopping.


  • You sleep better away from home. If you get a better night’s sleep at a hotel, while staying with a friend, or when lying on the couch, your mattress isn’t at its best anymore. Your bed should be the most comfortable place for you to sleep and should always have you feeling rested and relaxed. If it isn’t the case, consider getting a new one as soon as possible.

The staff at Parklane Mattresses are experts at answering the “when should I buy a new mattress?” question, so if you still aren’t sure whether you need a new one, come by one of our locations today to discuss your options with one of our team members. We’ll evaluate your mattress situation and advise you accordingly.

Suffering From Allergies? Try An Organic Latex Mattress

If you suffer from allergies, consider switching to an organic latex mattress.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from allergies caused by irritants like grass, dust, pollen and pet dander, and if you sniffle and sneeze your way through the workday, especially when the seasons change, you probably know that staying indoors and taking allergy medications isn’t effective at completely alleviating your allergy symptoms. To fight allergies properly, you need to ensure that your entire life, including your home environment, is free of allergens. The first step to doing this is to purchase an organic latex mattress.


Why an Organic Latex Mattress Can Help

Most mattresses are made of soft, absorbent fabric like cotton or foam, and although these materials may be comfortable to sleep on, they’re also a breeding ground for allergens. Things like dust, dirt, bacteria, mold and mildew can build up in them over time, and this can adversely affect your health by making it harder to breathe, causing you to get sick, and aggravating your allergies further.

With an organic latex mattress, you won’t be exposed to these allergens because the latex material staves off bacteria, mold, and other germs to give you a clean, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial surface on which to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, clear, and allergy-free. Latex material is also more breathable than traditional mattress fabrics, which allows you to maintain a more comfortable temperature while you sleep. If you tend to be a hot sleeper, this can be a huge advantage.


Get an Organic Latex Mattress

If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, and medications aren’t effective enough at alleviating the symptoms, it may be time to consider purchasing an organic latex mattress for your home. Visit a Parklane Mattresses location today to try one out for yourself, or shop online and have one delivered straight to your home.

Determining Which Child Mattresses Your Family Needs

Consider these factors when choosing child mattresses for your little ones.

Sleep plays an important role in your health. It affects your focus, influences your memory and cognitive abilities, and plays into your ability to function properly on a daily basis. This is especially true for children who are still growing both physically and mentally, so to ensure that your children are getting the best night’s sleep they can, it’s crucial that you are diligent in choosing the right mattress for them. Child mattresses can vary greatly in quality, and selecting the wrong one could affect your little one’s development in adverse ways.

When looking for the right child mattresses for your kids, first determine what size bed they will need. Twin mattresses usually work for younger children, but if you child is extremely tall or is growing at a fast rate, you may want to consider something larger. Full-size beds offer more length and width, and they can provide kids something to grow into.

It’s also important to consider what materials make up the mattress you choose. There is a wide selection available for child mattresses, including green materials, sustainable fabric, memory foam, and gel. If your child has allergies, a hypoallergenic latex mattress may be the best choice, as these models can stave off dust, dirt, and allergens that could bother your little one.

Remember to focus on durability. Of course your child is going to sleep on the mattress, but they’ll also probably use it for other things as well, like playing, reading, jumping, and more, so it’s important to choose a mattress that can stand up to all that wear and tear.

If you are looking at child mattresses for your family, come to Parklane Mattresses today. Our expert team members can help you find the right mattresses for your children’s growing needs, both physical and mental, so you can rest assured that your child will always get a good night’s sleep and perform their best.

Comparing Memory Foam Mattress Prices

This guide will help you compare memory foam mattress prices successfully.

Memory foam mattresses are some of the more popular mattresses on the market. They’re extremely comfortable and supportive, and their ability to conform to your body’s shape makes them a good choice for any type of sleeper. Memory foam mattresses can get expensive, however, so be sure to compare memory foam mattress prices before you buy, so that you get the best deal and most value for your money. If you’re considering buying a memory foam mattress, keep the following in mind when comparing prices:

  • Check online first. Comparing prices is much easier on the web than in a physical store. You can check different retailers, websites and brands side by side, which allows you to compare the features and functions of each product you’re considering.


  • Consider extras. Don’t look at just the up-front price tag of each mattress you consider; also take into account any extras that come with it. Find out if the posted price includes a box spring, bed frame, delivery and set-up. These additional items are all necessary, so if one retailer includes them while another doesn’t, consider using the one that does to save some money.

  • Try them out in person. While looking online is the ideal way to compare memory foam mattress prices, you can’t be sure you’re getting a great product that’s right for you unless you try it out in person. Once you narrow down your choices, make it a point to go to a physical store and try several mattresses before making a final purchase.

If you need help comparing memory foam mattress prices or want to know if a memory foam mattress is right for you, come to Parklane Mattresses. Our expert team members can match you with the perfect mattress for your sleep position, desired comfort level, taste and budget.