Parklane Mattresses Releases Second and Third Television Commercials

A few weeks after launching part one of their new ad campaign, Parklane Mattresses launched the final two spots in the series. The new campaign replaces their previous spots that originally aired in the Spring of 2011. For the new campaign they teamed up with FlickFive in Bend, Oregon to feature a fresh way to think about the mattress buying process—hassle free and great prices every day.

In the same graphic style as the first spot, the second spot, titled “Teacher,” features a teacher explaining to her friend why she should choose Parklane over the competition’s “slick talking sales man wanting her to pay through the nose for a mattress.” At Parklane she’ll find fair prices and great customer service. So they take a field trip to Parklane Mattresses where they find mattresses a third of the price of the competition—”pushy sales man absent.” The friend ends up getting a gold star for choosing Parklane.

The third and final spot leverages Parklane as the Official Mattress Store of the Portland Timbers, with a voiceover by Kris Boyd. Boyd is originally from Scotland and plays the forward position for the Timbers. In this “Timbers” spot, Boyd chats about how teaming up with Parklane Mattresses is both affordable and high on quality—because if this he, “doesn’t have to miss wide looking for a good night’s sleep.” He says shopping at Parklane is like having your cake and eating it to—but he’s more of a protein shake guy.

Parklane wanted a unique and energetic feel to their commercials. A group of spots that could stand out from the crowd and be noticed. What they felt was missing from their previous spots was the memorable quality where viewers could recall after the first frame that it was Parklane Mattresses. They also wanted a spot that shared more of their unique story to help separate themselves from the ever encroaching sales-all-the-time competition. Locally made mattresses, superior quality, great customer service and great prices every day are what Parklane is all about. They are pleased to have released a more direct approach in this new campaign and look forward to the release of their two additional spots at the end of July and Early August. All three spots can be viewed at Parklane Mattresses YouTube page.

Parklane Mattresses offers mattress shopping made easy, from their eight retail locations to their recycling program and their knowledgeable sales associates. All of their mattresses are made in Tualatin, Oregon and every day is a great day to shop for a new mattress at Parklane. Their direct to consumer business model ensures that they are able to keep prices 1/3 less than their competition without having to offer continuous sales.

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