Reviews on the Magnolia

“We tend to suffer for a long time before buying a new mattress. We looked at 4 different stores and tried out about 20 mattresses. We found 3 mattresses we liked and they all felt the same to me. Parklane was one of those mattresses and beat the next highest price by more than $1000. The choice was very easy. I heard about Parklane from a friend of mine who had purchased a new mattress several months earlier and loved it.”

“I was originally going for a cheaper bed but when I visited I tested out my bed it was a floor model and feel in love. I don’t regret it for one second I’m so pleased with the purchase.”

“We bought this for my oldest daughter who is 11 and would not sleep on her old bed… she would prefer the floor. Since getting this mattress she won’t get off the bed now, reading on it, just sitting on it…oh Yeh and sleeping on it…. you now need to throw a mortar round in her room to wake her (that’s not to say it doesn’t look like that pretty much all the time). She used to complain a lot about waking up stiff and sore …now she says she feels great and that it’s so comfortable.”

“We bought a new bed for the guest room as our daughter and son in law were coming for a visit. They are very picky sleepers and have spent thousands over the years searching for a bed that works for them. They ended up with a Sleep Number bed system for their home. I wanted a bed that would be comfortable and welcoming for them, as well as give them a good night’s rest. Well, the Magnolia pocketed coil system fit the bill wonderfully. Firm but supple and good for side sleepers. They slept like babies, soundly and a full night’s rest.”

“Best money I have ever spent! Great customer service!”

“The bed is comfy and a great fit. It has good support and holds it’s shape nicely. I’m normally a warm sleeper and this bed has kept me nice and cool.”

“This bed has SO much going for it! I get up a million times at night, and the pocketed coils helps so I don’t wake my boyfriend up which is great. Everyone that comes over lies on the bed and instantly wants to go to sleep, and the first night I think I was asleep in about two minutes LOL. Really just a great bed for an even greater price, it allowed us to get a size larger than we were planning!”

“We looked at several other places for a mattress and even the $1500 mattresses didn’t compare to the comfort and quality of Parklane’s mattresses. And the best part is that they are a local company and it’s great that I can help the local economy.”

-Satisfied owners of the Magnolia mattress from Parklane Mattresses

Parklane Mattresses
The better sleep secret.

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