Parklane Mattresses Favorite Alarm Clocks

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels- This wheeled alarm clock rolls off the bedside table beeping and scooting away until you chase it down and turn it off.

Arcade Alarm Clock- Wake up to reassuringly familiar gaming sounds.

Bedazzled Alarm Clock- For the princess in your life.

Bird Alarm Clock- Plays two different kinds of bird songs as well as a traditional alarm sound. The Clock is on the back so it just looks like a cute piece of decor.

Dalek Alarm Clock- Projects the time and has an alarm to get you ready to go for the day.

Ducky Alarm Clock- Adorable alarm clock will quack you up!

Flying Alarm Clock- When the alarm goes off the propeller blades start to spin, and takes off into the air to land somewhere in your bedroom. The siren alarm continues until you place the part back into the top of the alarm clock.

Frog Alarm Clock- Playful children’s alarm clock with friendly frog face.

Golf Alarm Clock- throw it against the wall or the floor and it stops.

Good Nite Lite- The Moon shines brightly at night, dimming as your child drifts off to sleep. When the appropriate time to wake up arrives, the Moon changes to a smiling orange Sun

Hockey Puck Alarm Clock- Toss it! – Slap It! – Ice It! and the alarm turns off.

Hotel Phone Alarm Clock- “This is your wake up call. For another call in 30 minutes, please press 5.”

Kim The Talking Alarm Clock- Simply press on her button nose, and Kim’s eyes light up red as she states the exact time in a quintessential robot voice.

Lego Alarm Clock Radio- Perfect alarm clock for the Lego lover in your life.

Nerf Football Alarm Clock- Will wake you up just in time for football practice.

OK to Wake Owl Alarm Clock- This friendly plush doll illuminates in two colors – yellow in the evening and green in the morning when it’s “OK to Wake!”

R2D2 Alarm Clock- Projects the time and has an alarm to get you ready to go for the day

Retro Style Blender Alarm Clock- wakes you in the morning with the crazy blending action with styrofoam beads and a funny alarm music.

Target Alarm Clock- Only goes off after you hit it with an accurate shot on the bulls eye.

Toy Story Aliens Alarm Clock Radio- Perfect for a Toy Story themed children’s bedroom.

Wake n’ Bacon Alarm Clock- Who doesn’t want to wake up to the smell of bacon?

Yellow M&M Alarm Clock- Perfect for the M&M lover in your life.

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