Reviews on the Rogue

“My bed and I are in a relationship, and it’s serious. I love this thing! It sort of envelops you in the most comforting way imaginable.”

“I found my dream mattress after all these years. Well pleased with this mattress. Sleep results are immediately noticeable and extraordinary.”

“I love the mattress, and with the help of this mattress and some new pillows I am finally waking up without neck/shoulder pain!”

“I am extremely pleased with this purchase and found that it was a great value for a 100% latex mattress of this quality.”

“We had been sleeping on a spring mattress all of our lives. Switching to the latex mattress was the best decision we made in terms of sleep wellbeing. Our mattress exceeds our expectations.”

“Our son loves his full size Rogue, talks about it every day, I’m not kidding. Allergy related headaches are gone, he sleeps well, also loves his latex pillow!”

“I love the queen size Rogue, I can now get up every morning without having to roll to the side, get my legs/knees on the floor, and push myself up out of bed, and then hobble to the bathroom. I’m not perfect yet, but this new bed makes it a lot easier for me to just be able to sleep, turn over, and get up in the morning.”

“The mattress does not transfer movement when your partner moves (or your cat), has no chemical smell, and does not promote overheating. The only con is if you are sitting on the edge of the bed it can feel too soft but sleeping is perfect. We love it so much we may make this our guest bed in a few years and get a king size for us.”

“This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It is a floating cloud-like feel, but it totally still supports my whole body as well as a firmer mattress! My hope is that the durability claims hold true…but only time will tell. I am so glad I went with the Parklane Rogue!”

“I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for several months now. Each night as I get into bed, I’m always struck by how supremely comfortable it feels. It remains comfortable all night long. I find that I don’t have to turn as often, so I always sleep better and awake feeling well rested. It’s simply the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned.”

-Satisfied owners of the Rogue mattress from Parklane Mattresses

Parklane Mattresses
The better sleep secret.

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