Adjustable Bases

The days of a flat, never-moving mattress are over. By purchasing one of our adjustable bases, you will never suffer from the awful position of propping yourself up uncomfortably with pillows to do your bedtime reading or watch a late night show again. With the ability to move your head and feet up and down, this bed can be adjusted to create a reclined position for those who enjoy late–night, before-bed hobbies like reading, watching the television internet surfing and more.

Reverie adjustable bases are a brilliant, in-home technology that provide the lounger with zero gravity relaxation by reducing pressure points as you slumber. Not only do these adjustable bases provide the sleeper with extreme comfort in bed while sleeping or simply lounging, they are also a cure for many sleeping disorders. If you suffer from sleep ailments like sleep apnea, excessive snoring or poor circulation, a bed with an adjustable base will provide the reparation you have been yearning for all these years. Adjustments made to your head and feet (in comparison to a flat mattress) have been proven to reduce loud, noisy snoring, as well as abate nighttime heartburn. An adjustable base is a comfortable choice, as well as a healthy one.

In addition to its ability to adjust the position of the sleeper’s head and feet, a Reverie adjustable base comes equipped with several other exciting implements. Rather than monkey around with a bulky control panel on the edge of the bed, these bases come with wireless remotes. Their sleek remotes are small enough to set on a bedside table and make adjusting your sleeping position a quick procedure.

After a long and tiring day, there is nothing better than a relaxing massage. If you’re going to bed atop a Reverie adjustable base, that massage is no more than a click of a button away. Controlled by the wireless remote, every adjustable base comes equipped with these in-bed massages to help soothe tired and aching muscles while you prepare to rest.

Reverie adjustable bases come equipped with features to help you enjoy your bedtime reading, sleep comfortably and cure sleeping ailments. They are a comfy choice for your sleeping quarters, as well as a much healthier alternative to many flat mattress bases.

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